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Organization of Critical Care Transport Working Environment

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
Legal deposit
 22,25 €

Review of the work

With the intention of unifying training and educational levels in the European Union, both in the work experience and in the training, professional qualifications are born that through the certificates of professionalism a document is obtained that accredits the workers in a professional qualification.

With the certificates of professionalism, the aim is to provide the workers with the training required by the production system, and bring the certificates closer to the reality of the labor market. All professional qualifications can be found in the national catalog of professional qualifications (INCUAL), where they are selected by families.

From Formación Alcalá we want the reader to acquire the theoretical knowledge necessary to pass the training tests, on the other hand, they will present the work experience they have in the area, throughout their working life.

En estos manuales que corresponden al Certificado Profesional de Trasporte Sanitario, dividido en módulos y a su vez en unidades de formación, que se corresponde a las unidades de competencia que deben superar. Los contenidos formativos de este manual están adaptados a los establecidos por el certificado de profesionalidad según el R.D. 710/2011 Publicado en el Boletín Oficial del estado número 155 de 30 de junio

In these manuals that correspond to the Professional Certificate of Sanitary Transport, divided into modules and in turn into training units, which correspond to the units of competence that must be passed. The training contents of this manual are adapted to those established by the certificate of professionalism according to R.D. 710/2011 Published in the Official State Gazette number 155 of June 30.


Rafael Ceballos Atienza. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada. Master in Management and Direction of Residences for the Third Age. Childcare Diploma for Physicians. Expert in Child Health. Doctor in the Andalusian Health Service and INSALUD. Researcher-teacher at the Hypertension and Lipids Unit, Hospital Clínico San Cecilio, Granada. Coordinator and Assistance Technician, Jaén Sur Sanitary District, Andalusian Health Service. Various international and national research studies. Three Scientific Awards. He has published 15 books and participated in numerous other chapters, articles, guides, etc. and participated in numerous national and international congresses. Training Manager Alcalá, from where more than 700 different accredited courses are taught, mainly for health and non-health, administrative and human resources personnel.

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