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Editorial lines


Formación Alcalá Editorial is the publishing label of Formación Alcalá. Its mission is to promote, through editorial production and dissemination, books, guides, manuals, magazines and digital publishing. The basic objective consists, first of all, in the dissemination of scientific, educational and intellectual production in the broadest sense, generated in the Alcalá Formation Editorial, but also of relevant works in the areas of knowledge of health and social sciences of authors from universities, professional associations or countries, through translation, direct commissions or acceptance of editorial proposals. It is, therefore, a matter of favoring the public dissemination, the communication of scientific ideas, academic works and culture in the most general sense. The editorial policy followed tries to adequately combine its own production and quality external production, which contributes to the prestige of the editorial catalog.


Through its different collections, Formación Alcalá Editorial covers a wide spectrum of needs.

In the first place, those related to teaching, through the publication of manuals, guides and educational materials adapted to the different subjects and subjects related to health and social sciences.

A second area is constituted by the publication of an important part of the research carried out by related professionals at a national and international level. The publication of academic journals, which give an account of the results of ongoing research, is framed in this same section.


The social projection of the different knowledge within the socio-sanitary sciences is the reason that has also promoted the publication of various collections aimed at a more general public (readers of medium-high cultural level, university students and teachers, secondary education, caregivers and educators in general, etc.), based on a rigorous concept of cultural dissemination and scientific dissemination of health, typical of Formación Alcalá Editorial. In addition to these collections, and as a facet of cultural diffusion, magazines on thought and culture are published, with the aim of promoting the broader irradiation of teaching and research activity.


On the other hand, the publication of texts linked to the more properly institutional activity occupies a prominent place (tribute books, corporate dossiers, catalogs / training magazines specific to each professional ...), as well as works that address related historical and patrimonial aspects with the environment of the company.


The desire to insert into the professional fabric and to strengthen social ties has led to the development of a policy of conditions, with the aim of gaining presence and dissemination and maintaining the best relationships with private publishers.


As an innovative field of work, it is necessary to highlight the field of electronic publishing, both of books and magazines, the maximum use of the current possibilities of information technologies and online publishing, which in any case presuppose a labor editing (selection of originals, text treatment, etc.).


Similarly, the editing of videos, knowledge pills and audiovisual format designs, text extracts and contents of Formación Alcalá Editorial, to complement them, updates and the public with special difficulties.


Bearing these broad lines in mind, Formación Alcalá Editorial receives annually many manuscripts to evaluate, coming from different places and individuals, for this reason, at the proposal of the General Directorate, the Editorial Directorate approved a series of prioritizations when selecting books to edit:

  • Institutional books.
  • Teaching books.
  • Research books (with a clear national and international impact).
  • Books for the different collections currently maintained by Formación Alcalá Editorial that have a clear social and health impact.
  • Books from different agreements with other institutions and with departments, faculties, university services.
  • Complete doctoral theses or extracts from them.
  • Final degree projects.
  • Research theses.
  • Works of literary creation (which are evaluated in Grupo RCA Editorial).

Therefore, other materials are not of interest, such as:

  • The conference proceedings.
  • Reports, educational innovation studies, etc.

This type of material may only be edited in exceptional cases and when there is external funding for the editing costs.