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Capillary health

Nº of pages
17 x 23.5 cm
In color
Legal deposit
J 588-2021
 11,00 €

Review of the work

Hair is a cutaneous attachment that has always fulfilled a protective function. In ancient times, it covered the body to protect it from the cold. Later, with evolution, it stayed in certain areas, also with this function. Today, in addition, it has a great psychological impact. A good condition of it is associated with certain canons of beauty, and the lack of it is a symbol, in many cases, of pathology. A hair is a filament that comes out of a follicle, called a hair follicle, which is flexible and resistant. It is basically made up of a protein, keratin (in the form of flakes) that is responsible for these characteristics. In addition to keratin, it is also made up of lipids, amino acids, salts, urea, and water. The hair, in addition to being located on the scalp, is also found in other parts of the body such as the beard, eyebrows, chest, pubic hair, fulfilling various protective and aesthetic functions.


Yurena María Hernández Hernández

Yurena María Hernández Hernández. Bachelor of Pharmacy Graduated in Public Health, Master in Pharmaceutical Dermocosmetics.

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