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Fundamentals of cellular and physiological biology

Nº of pages
17 x 23.5 cm
In color
Legal deposit
J 20-2022
 18,00 €

Review of the work

This book tries to delve into some basic concepts of cell biology, but what is cell biology? It is the science that studies the composition, structure and functions of cells. After this definition, a new question arises, what is a cell? A cell is the fundamental unit of life that can grow, reproduce and interact with the environment through a wide variety of chemical reactions triggered in response to different stimuli. All living organisms are made up of cells that are organized into structures of different complexity, and that allow the acquisition of new functions and abilities that are decisive for adaptation to the environment and the evolution of life.


Carmen Vida. Doctor in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Malaga with experience in the field of plant pathology. I have carried out my research activity in different national and European Universities, which has allowed me to develop my professional profile in the analysis of pathogenic microorganisms and beneficial microbial communities for crops, in order to improve plant health and the quality of production. . During these years I have developed teaching tasks, I have participated in congresses, I have carried out editorial activities and I have published in different scientific journals.

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