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Guide to Find a Nursing Job

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
 15,00 €

Review of the work

Types of job boards in the public health administration. Types of bags within the S.N.S. Types of contract. Valuable merits in a job bank. Complementary activities during the studies. Other things that can be done for the development of nursing and how merits in the bags. Where to submit applications for job boards. Faced with a hiring offer. Types of healthcare centers within the administration. Public socio-sanitary, where they require nurses. Types of jobs. Other career opportunities. I work overseas. Where to look for the oppositions and their terms. OPE 2004 in the Andalusian Health Service. Public employment offers for 2004. Functions of the unions. Current and updated legislation to take into account. Web of interest. What to do when you finish the nursing degree (recommendations).



Rafael Ceballos Atienza. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada. Master in Management and Direction of Residences for the Third Age. Childcare Diploma for Physicians. Expert in Child Health. Doctor in the Andalusian Health Service and INSALUD. Researcher-teacher at the Hypertension and Lipids Unit, Hospital Clínico San Cecilio, Granada. Coordinator and Assistance Technician, Jaén Sur Sanitary District, Andalusian Health Service. Various international and national research studies. Three Scientific Awards. He has published 15 books and participated in numerous other chapters, articles, guides, etc. and participated in numerous national and international congresses. Training Manager Alcalá, from where more than 700 different accredited courses are taught, mainly for health and non-health, administrative and human resources personnel.

Raúl Martos García. Primary care nurse, Córdoba.

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