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Formación Alcalá, from its editorial line made up of more than 1,000 titles aimed primarily at the socio-health sector, has wanted to join other initiatives to support bookstores and has launched a campaign to support them: 35% of each book That you sell on your website ( will be transferred to the bookstore that the buyer wants, assuming the publisher's own shipping costs.

This situation that we have experienced since March 14, has endangered hundreds of bookstores, the most delicate link in the book sector, sustained in many cases thanks to the dedication and passion of booksellers.

This is not a time to complain, but rather to put creativity at the service of a common idea, the need to reinvent the concept of the bookstore, contribute our bit and go beyond the sale of books, so that the bookstore survives.

Independent publishers are also suffering from this pandemic, but with the little that we can sell from the Formación Alcalá Editorial in this crisis, we are going to support bookstores.

We have launched a campaign: 35% of each product that you sell on your website (our philosophy is not to sell books directly) will be transferred to the bookstore that the buyer wants and will indicate this in their order. Formation Alcalá will deliver the amount to the bookstore indicated in the name of the buyer and will donate the amount that automatically results in each order.

Now, we suggest that buyers check first if the bookstore has an online store and if so, ask it directly so that the chain does not stop and, if it does not have one, use the Alcalá Formation directly, who will act only as a service logistics of it. In the end, Formación Alcalá will altruistically allocate to the bookstore that each client chooses the percentage that the bookstore would normally keep if the product had been purchased there. We do not want to deceive anyone, it will be little money unfortunately, but we wanted to launch a signal of help and encouragement for the booksellers, that a part of the sector thinks of you, it is our way of going out to our private balcony and applauding them. We are with them. In addition, shipping costs will be paid separately by the publisher and all orders for their books will be distributed at home.

This initiative joins that of Nórdica, Dos Bigotes or Grupo Editor RCA. Crises always imply changes and adapting to new conditions is what allows you to evolve as a professional and a person. As Ryunosuke Satoro said, "Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean."