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Treaty on school nursing

Nº of pages
17 x 23.5 cm
In color
Legal deposit
J 817-2021
 72,00 €

Review of the work

Children have the right to health and to enjoy their childhood in the best possible way. Health represents the degree to which children, individually or collectively, are capable or enabled to develop and fulfill their potential, meet their needs, and expand their capacities to successfully interact with the biological, physical, and social environment. To achieve their potential, children need to grow up in a place where they can develop spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and intellectually. Parents are ultimately responsible for children's health. However, despite the fact that the school day in Spain is around five hours a day, as in many other countries, the lunch break lengthens the time in schools above the European averages The continuous day is being imposed in more schools year after year in the midst of a great debate and despite the fact that the scientific evidence does not support it. That is why a significant percentage of children's lives takes place at school. Maintaining school health would require the presence of a health professional who would ensure a healthy, safe and sustainable physical and emotional environment, favor the opportunity for optimal growth and development, access to a full range of appropriate and high-quality health services , as well as the monitoring and investigation of the main health problems that may affect the school environment. It is necessary to implement School Nursing that contributes to the improvement of school health by providing a healthy school environment and Health Education that involves the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The school nurse is the most qualified personnel for the ongoing maintenance of school health. In addition to the management, teaching or research functions of the school nurse, the services it offers include health assessment, emergency care, safety education or the control of communicable diseases, among many others. The school nurse does not limit her functions to putting on bandages and plasters. Currently, the School Nursing is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating health plans and programs.


Miguel Ángel Ruiz Jiménez

Miguel Ángel Ruiz Jiménez. Doctor of medicine and surgery. He is a specialist in Pediatrics and in Family and Community Medicine. Professor of Nursing at the Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy of the University of Cádiz (UCA). Author of several books on the specialty of Pediatrics. José González Meneses Jiménez Award from the Pediatric Society of Western Andalusia and Extremadura, Award from the Adolescent Medicine Section of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, Award from the Hon. College of Physicians of the Province of Cádiz, Casino Gaditano Prize, Prof. Martín Farfán Corresponding Academician Prize in Memoriam of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery.

Beatriz Ruiz Derlinchán

Beatriz Ruiz Derlinchán. Doctor of Medicine from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She is a specialist in Pediatrics and her specific areas. She graduated in complete neonatal resuscitation. She is the author of several books on the specialty of Pediatrics and articles in Spanish and foreign magazines on pediatric issues.

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