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Prevention of Occupational Hazards for Chemists

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
In color
Legal deposit
 24,00 €

Review of the work

The increase in occupational accidents in the health environment leads to the development of work techniques that avoid or reduce them. As a result of these circumstances, the challenge arises that among all the parties involved, we achieve a place where the worker feels safe. Thus, the main objective of this manual is the integration of prevention in the daily activity of any organization. The publication of Law 31/1995 on the prevention of occupational hazards and its subsequent reforms promotes the need to develop a risk prevention policy in all areas of work. There is a general interest among administrators, employees, and governments to improve the quality of life at work and specifically, health personnel in general should routinely use adequate protection measures to prevent any injury. It is thus intended to avoid the factors that affect the production of occupational accidents and those that cause occupational diseases, with the aim of taking preventive measures that safeguard health both in the hospital and out-of-hospital environment, in order to improve their professional skills and their quality of life.

This new edition has been written and structured thinking about the importance of safety culture as a determinant of occupational health, deepening the cost-benefit analysis of occupational safety, developing the fundamentals and the main management elements that contribute to creating an environment healthy work and to achieve a positive balance of actions and investments in occupational safety.



Rafael Ceballos Atienza. Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada. Master in Management and Direction of Residences for the Third Age. Childcare Diploma for Doctors. Expert in Child Health. Doctor in the Andalusian Health Service and INSALUD. Researcher-teacher at the Hypertension and Lipids Unit, Hospital Clínico San Cecilio, Granada. Coordinator and Assistance Technician, Jaén Sur Sanitary District, Andalusian Health Service. Various International and National Research Studies. Three Scientific Awards. He has published 15 books and participated in numerous other chapters, articles, guides, etc. and participated in numerous national and international congresses. Training Manager Alcalá.

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