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Dental aesthetics

Nº of pages
17 x 23.5 cm
In color
Legal deposit
J 25-2022
 20,00 €

Review of the work

In today's society, the concept of aesthetics has gained great relevance at all levels. The archetypes defined together with the trends of what is considered beautiful, marketing campaigns, advertising spots, the appearance of the figure of the influencer, have increased the interest in society for the care of the image and the importance of showing an appearance. physical care as a fundamental part of the letter of introduction to others. This trend towards image care and beauty canons has led to a boom in the field of the aesthetics sector, with an increase in recent years of a high demand for treatments and an exponential growth of a target audience submitted every Sometimes at younger ages to aesthetic medical treatments with the aim of improving their appearance in order to reinforce and project a good image abroad. Dentistry as part of this trend for beauty is not far behind. Aesthetic dentistry in recent years has positioned itself as one of the most demanded specialties within the dental sector with an increase in the number of patients who come to the dental office with the aim of improving their smile. The archetype of dental beauty of most patients who demand aesthetic dental treatments is that of a perfect smile, aligned teeth, great smiles and nuclear white teeth, Hollywood smiles. In this aspect, the dentist, apart from carrying out his professional work, is in the position of dealing with a type of patient with a level of demand such that they request aesthetic treatments that are sometimes far from reality, either because of the impossibility of reaching that degree. of dental perfection for various reasons, functional or due to the impossibility derived from other factors. In these cases, the dentist will have to assess whether the patient's objective is achievable and be aware in advance of whether the final result of the treatment will have the balance point between aesthetics and functionality. On the other hand, the dentist will have to analyze the patient in relation to his degree of demand, evaluating the expectations as to whether they are achievable objectives, quantifying up to what percentage of achievement or, on the contrary, the patient will show an attitude of disagreement when end the treatment derived from preconceived expectations that differ from the final result in relation to the objective that the patient hoped to achieve. Therefore, the specialty of dental aesthetics encompasses the set of procedures aimed at improving, embellishing and harmonizing the appearance of the mouth.


María José Borrego Osete

María José Borrego Osete. Master in Management and Direction of SMEs. Master in Management and Direction of Dental Clinics. Master in Business Coaching and Mentoring. Social Media Marketing Diploma in Commerce. Community Management Diploma. Management Skills Diploma. Diploma Leadership and Team Management. Higher Technical Diploma in Oral Hygiene. Higher Laboratory Technical Diploma. Nursing Assistant Technical Diploma. Baccalaureate Diploma. RX Operator Diploma of Dental Diagnosis. Small Business Manager Title. Degree in Negotiation Techniques. Basic Technical Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention. Title Excellence in Conflict Resolution. COVID-19 Prevention Measures Course. Customer Service Quality Course. Course Introduction to Coaching. Course Implementation of Data in the Company. General Purpose Computer Course. Sales Techniques Course. Communication Techniques Course. Distribution Channel Mediators Course. Course Prevention and Non-Invasive Treatment of dental caries. Course Superior Control of dental caries. Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Course. Clinical Implantology Course. Course Management of Special Patients. Medically Compromised Patients Course. Course The Key Biofilm of Oral Health. Dental Sensitivity Treatment Course. Oral Microbiota course within the context of the Human Microbiome. Course on First Aid and Health Emergencies. SEPA Congress years 2014, 2016 and 2018.

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