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Prosthesis, implantoprosthesis and dental aesthetics

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
In color
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Review of the work

The quality of life of people depends to a large extent on their oral health. The maintenance of the teeth, the health of the gums and the supporting tissues is directly related to the general health of the individual. Currently, there are multiple factors and different causes that can generate tooth loss, such as cavities and periodontal disease, motivated in many cases by poor oral hygiene. In addition, scientific evidence points to the correlation between oral health and various pathologies such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes. At the moment in which the human being loses a tooth, the rest of his oral cavity is affected directly or indirectly, causing mobility of the adjacent or antagonistic pieces that make chewing difficult and generate overloads, bone loss, joint alterations temporomandibular and masticatory muscles, modifications in phonation, and a significant psychological alteration. Therefore, it is essential to instruct the population in terms of oral hygiene, achieving quality primary prevention. When this is not possible and the loss of teeth has already occurred, the manufacture of fixed or removable dental prostheses is essential to replace these absences and return the lost functions to the patient. In this field of prosthetic rehabilitation, healthcare professionals must constantly update their knowledge, handling both traditional and newer techniques. Only in this way, they will be able to individualize each treatment, offering the patient the different alternatives that may be optimal for their particular case.


Mónica Costales

Mónica Costales. Mónica Costales has a degree in Dentistry from the University of Oviedo. Subsequently, he has completed the Master's Degree in Comprehensive Dentistry from the University of Nebrija, a Master's Degree in Health Management and Management Styles from the UEMC, as well as various refresher courses such as the Modular Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry from the URJC of Madrid and the University Certificate in Clinical Endodontics by the International University of Catalonia (UIC). She currently works as a dentist and clinical director in the Principality of Asturias. Given her motivation for research in the field of oral health, she is the author of several books such as "Emotional dentistry, the influence of emotions on job success", "Behavior management in pediatric dentistry" and "The importance of health oral in pregnancy ”. In addition, she has actively participated with communications in different national congresses related to oral health.

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