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Psychosocial intervention and evaluation of programmes in the field of health

Nº of pages
17 x 24 cm
In color
Legal deposit
 23,00 €

Review of the work

In this text the increasingly patent demand of society towards psychologists for the resolution of social problems is revealed. The solution of these problems implies the development of organized interventions, these being the best representation of the combination between theory and application. But to talk about social intervention, it is necessary to review another clearly related and vitally important concept such as social change. The design of intervention programs is not only limited to planning and launching a series of actions, but also the evaluation of the effects of the aforementioned actions is carried out. Finally, a brief practical guide is proposed for the development of an evaluation of health programs. Thus, starting from the concept of comprehensive evaluation, evaluation activities are developed throughout the cycle of social intervention, from the moment the problems affecting a certain group are defined, interventions are designed to solve them until the end of the program and the results are valued.


Enrique Alonso Morillejo. University of Almería Area of ​​Social Psychology.

Carmen Pozo Muñoz. University of Almería Area of ​​Social Psychology.

María José Martos Méndez. University of Almería Area of ​​Social Psychology.

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