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Quality policy

We have defined and implemented a Quality Management System to guarantee the satisfaction of our authors, readers, employees and suppliers (edition, printing, distribution and marketing) with the services we offer them.

We are committed to the Requirements of the Edition and the Legal and Regulatory, providing a quality service, in accordance with the expectations of our authors, readers, employees and suppliers or above them.

We carry out the Continuous Improvement of our services, thanks to:

  • The determination and monitoring of the Quality Objectives, and their Action Plans.
  • The monitoring, measurement and analysis of the processes and services.
  • Controls carried out on suppliers.
  • The detection and treatment of Nonconformities, with a tendency to their elimination or reduction.

Services that, since 2008, Bureau Veritas has been certifying through ISO 9001 and that is in force until 2018, which will be reviewed again.




We defend that Quality Management is everyone's business, and therefore all the members of the Editorial Board: General Management, Editorial Management, Technical Secretariat, Printing and Communication and Press Management, participate and actively commit to it.

As a way to disseminate research and support teaching, we promote the editions of books, guides, magazines and audiovisual material as dissemination of research and teaching support, and for cultural and institutional purposes. In this sense, the Publications Quality Regulation of Formación Alcalá Editorial establishes that it is "the body responsible for the editing, marketing and distribution of books, guides, magazines and other editorial material".

The General and Editorial Directorate of Formación Alcalá is aware of the continuous evolution of postgraduate higher education in health and social sciences and of the needs and expectations of readers and users, therefore, this quality policy aims to express its commitment with quality and continuous improvement.

The main driving ideas are:

  • The future is relational. Therefore, we will strengthen ties with other American and European publishers, working so that Formación Alcalá Editorial can add value to its authors, readers, employees and suppliers.
  • The future is digital. There is no longer any doubt that the publishing future is also digital, and Formación Alcalá Editorial must continue to become the agent in this field, which anticipates, negotiates, and helps its authors, readers, employees and suppliers.
  • The future is quality. A concept that must be continually renewed, Formación Alcalá Editorial will continue to exert its leadership so that our books improve day by day, and so that the perception of our work is also excellent, enforcing it before the competent evaluation agents.
  • The future is to be prepared. Only the people and institutions best prepared to face the future will be able to seize the opportunities it presents. Formation Alcalá will continue to deepen its training efforts, the true origin of the company on August 20, 2000.


Our mission is the edition, commercialization and distribution of books, magazines and other editorial material of Formación Alcalá, promoting its dissemination, facilitating access to it by the entire university community, and providing the necessary means for learning, professional training and education. promotion of knowledge and culture. Formación Alcalá Editorial from is its main publishing label for legal and commercial name purposes.


Formación Alcalá Editorial has the vision of being a quality service that responds to the needs and expectations of all stakeholders with plans, activities and proposals for constant improvement. We aspire to be a recognized Publisher in the health and social sciences community and a reference for its effective and innovative management system.


The values ​​that are promoted by Formación Alcalá Editorial are effort, teamwork, respect, trust, support, learning, innovation and continuous improvement. To develop its mission, vision and values, Formación Alcalá Editorial will manage the infrastructures and the material and human resources that the General Directorate makes available to it, with a team of qualified and motivated professionals, with experience and sufficient preparation to achieve its goals. and objectives.


  • Disseminate the research work of the members of the national and international University Community specialized in health and social sciences essentially.
  • Promote the publication of manuals, guides and texts to support teaching.
  • Promote the publication of popular science works.
  • Publish works of an institutional nature of Alcalá Formation.
  • Manage the distribution, marketing and distribution of the editorial fund.
  • Provide service to the community of authors, bookstores, libraries and educational centers in light graphics work (posters, brochures, programs, etc.).
  • Be a diffuser of the company's image through all kinds of material.

For this reason, the Editorial Board and staff know in detail the processes and information derived from it and the Quality Management System, and we are committed to users to fully satisfy their information requirements through our services and resources, of those of us who are fully responsible.

To ensure compliance with all of the above, the quality policy is known and understood by all members of the Editorial and is permanently reviewed for its adaptation to present and future needs.


August 20, 2015, Formación Alcalá 15th Anniversary Day (2000-2015).
Editorial Direction.