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Receipt of manuscripts

Formación Alcalá Editorial doesn't refuse to receive manuscripts for publication but, in order to regulate their reception, we suggest certain minimum conditions, both to facilitate the work of our readers and to avoid unnecessary efforts and rejection of authors.

Receipt of manuscripts

  • It must be an original work not published in any format (both on paper and on the internet). If it has been self-published or edited for an institution or official body, be it a small print run, the publisher will not accept its evaluation.
  • The work must be complete, with illustrations and text. Works that do not meet this requirement will not be valued.
  • The work must be registered in the Intellectual Property Registry.
  • The work must be included in the editorial lines exclusively.

What should the shipment contain?

  1. Document accrediting (scanned) the registration in Intellectual Property or the registration receipt in case of not yet having a registration number.
  2. Synopsis and summary of the manuscript, maximum one page (.doc or .pdf).
  3. Brief comparison of your work with others that already exist (if they exist) in the market, explaining similarities and/or differences and what your work contributes in the current market, target audience to which it is directed, as well as any other information that the author/s considers/n of interest.
  4. Synopsis and c.v. Author/s (.doc or .pdf).
  5. Detailed marketing plan to be carried out by the author.
  6. Complete original manuscript (.doc or .pdf).

What will we do with your manuscript?

  1. The manuscript will be carefully evaluated according to the editorial criteria.
  2. A decision will be deliberated on the publication that will be communicated to the author/s:
    • If the decision is positive, we will contact you and propose an editorial contract with the author / s of the work.
    • If the decision is negative, it will be communicated and the manuscript received will be removed from our registry.
    • In no case does the sending of a manuscript to Formación Alcalá Editorial imply any transfer of rights over it.


  1. Although it should be obvious, experience tells us to make sure of the quality of the manuscript you are submitting. If you have any doubts, please review it carefully before sending it, paying special attention to the orthographic correction or seek advice from correction professionals. Only texts really worthy of interest have a chance of being published.
  2. Send your manuscript only by email and if it is heavy by wetransfer or dropbox. Do not send it on paper: you will save money… and you will help to avoid damaging the environment.


If you have read the instructions and see that you meet the requirements, you can send us your manuscript.


Finally indicate that we like to answer all emails, if it is not the case, please excuse us. In the event that we are interested in the full text of your proposal, we will let you know within a period of no more than one month from the date of receipt of the materials. We will not read texts that are not under the conditions set forth, we trust you understand.